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What is this? It didn't take him long to figure it out!

I have to share the video of my puppy’s first pup cup, because let’s face it– I’m obsessed with my dogs! But let’s start at the beginning! Yesterday, my newest puppy had his second and final round of puppy shots.  Well, the day got off to a rough start. If you remember, he was rescued out of the woods.  He was very scared of humans, and really doesn’t like vehicles.  So, I got ready and rounded him up. Only to get him out to the Jeep, where he started peeing.  And it was all over me. That’s a first with him peeing from being scared.

Making It To The Vet

After getting back in the house to change… We tried again, with a little more success! He wasn’t thrilled, but no more pee at least! We made it to the vet a little before they opened, so we walked in the grass, and met a new friend.  Then it was time to head in.  He was a bit hesitant, but now that he’s put on some weight, trying to carry him a little more difficult.  Thankfully, my vet’s office gets us into a room quickly.  But while trying to get into the room, he was balking.  I didn’t realize it, but the vet tech did– he peed again. Poor guy.

We went through the whole visit with the vet with no other accidents.  And my boy is now up to 30.7 pounds! I’m pretty sure since we rescued him, he’s put on about 15-20 pounds.  That’s in about 7 weeks’ time.  But of course, not only was he underweight when we got him, he’s also a growing pup.  I have NO idea how big he’ll be once he’s full grown.  But he did great with the shots and dewormer. They even clipped his nails.  He was a trooper.

What To Do Next

But then it was time to get back in the Jeep.  And with my hands full, this was a task. He was pulling away from me so hard.  I felt terrible for him.  Finally, I managed to get him in the Jeep and decided to show him that Jeep rides aren’t always a bad thing!  So, the first stop we made was at the Greeneway for a walk and lots of exploring. Prior to his shots, we hadn’t really socialized him.  During our walk, he was checking out everything.  He barked at a group of older ladies who were out for their walk, and a cyclist or two.  Then we also encountered a runner.  He was taking it all in.  From what I could tell, he finally settled down and really enjoyed himself.  We walked over a mile.  Once we got back to the Jeep, he was still a little hesitant, but much better (probably because he’d worn himself out).

Time for Puppy’s First Pup Cup!

Again, looking for a way to make Jeep rides positive, I decided he deserved a pup cup from Starbucks! My other two pups had their first (and only) pup cups last year.  So now everyone is on equal playing field.  Of course, I had to take pictures and video him with his pup cup.  Afterward, he was much more relaxed and happy.  I’ve decided I have to start taking them all for more rides, just for socialization and enrichment.  It can be a task with my other two, especially Harley, my pit mix.  She’s definitely reactive and harder to contain, since she weighs 105 pounds.  But I’d like to do more things with them and get them all used to venturing out and exploring.  If you have any tips for this, be sure to email me or message me on Facebook or Instagram!

Now, enjoy this adorable video of my puppy’s first pup cup!


Thanks to @Starbucks Notrth Augusta for the pup cup (and extra napkins)! Finished up puppy shots this morning, took his first walk on the Greeneway, and finished up with the pup cup. Trying to show him riding in the Jeep ain’t all that bad! #puppy #vet #pupcup #jeeplife

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