Kim Kardashian Blasted For Complaining About Being With Kids On Her Birthday

Kim Kardashian is trying to enjoy her birthday single and kid-free. However, this past birthday celebration, she was stuck being "tortured" with her four kids on her special day. (Photo by Marleen Moise/Getty Images) Kim’s comments about her kids on this week’s episode of the show haven't been so well-received, with the star being called out after she likened spending her birthday with her children to torture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r31eorSmfwI What Kim Did With Kids On Her Birthday The conversation started when Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, asked, “How was your birthday with the kids?” Kim told her momager that she thought she would have the day to herself but was instead "stuck doing everything that everyone else wanted to do. "I was stuck watching YouTube unboxing videos on my birthday, I had a FIFA tournament, Color Me Mine — you should see the ugly thing I made.” The SKIMS founder, who shares Psalm, 4, Chicago, 6, Saint, 8, and North, 10, with ex-husband Kanye West, continued to complain that is "not what I wanted to be doing on my birthday." She stated that she needs to sit her kids down intervention-style and explain to them that even though it isn't Mother's Day, her birthday is her special day, and she shouldn't have to "go to Color Me Mine one more time." Kris couldn't help but laugh at Kim, as she continued, “I was tortured." In a confessional, Kim was then asked what her “perfect birthday” would have been, to which she replied: “To lock my door, not get out of my bed, and eat cookies-and-cream ice cream all day long. That’s what would have been my dream, but no. No one cares about my dreams. Not four kids, at least.” https://twitter.com/KimKardashian/status/1716196087009362236 Kim Kardashian Blasted For Complaining About Her Kids Reacting to her comments on X (formerly Twitter), one person wrote, "Welcome to parenthood, Kim." Scoffed another, "Are you kidding me? That's literally what you do when you become a parent." A third person slammed Kim harshly, writing, "Rich mom complains about hanging with her kids who actually love her. I wish they'd stop and go away. Those kids are going to have such a tough time with their parents' narcissism, and all of it in public is so cruel." Questioned another, "She can't afford babysitters???" Meanwhile, one person blasted Kim and commented, "Well when you have children so they can be your accessories and then your cash cow, I expect this type of selfish narcissistic attitude." A third warned, "There will be a day that comes when she is wishing her kids cared enough to 'interfere.'" Harshly commented another, "Some people just shouldn't be allowed to have children.. she's clearly one of them.." The Kardashians season 5 is currently airing on Hulu, with new episodes airing on Thursdays at midnight ET.

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