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The New Grovetown Kroger Is Open

Welcome to the new Grovetown Kroger. The new store opened its doors on Wednesday. Where Is The New Grovetown Kroger? According to the folks at Kroger, it’s officially called the Eisenhower Crossing Marketplace.  It is officially at 3942 Harper Franklin Avenue.  If this is easier for you, it’s across from the Zaxby’s on Jimmie Dyess Parkway. The new store is 124,000 square feet.  Very close to the size of the other Kroger in the area on Lewiston Road. This Kroger will have a 16-station fuel center, drive thru-pharmacy and a wide variety of features including Murray’s Cheese Shop, expanded deli offerings, sushi and grocery pickup. Because this is as exciting as it seems to get around here from time to time, I ventured over to see what the excitement was about.  It was around lunchtime on Wednesday and the parking lot was packed.  Although honestly, I didn’t have a hard time finding a place to park. Now, obviously because it was opening day there were a lot of activities taking place, from folks grilling ribs under a tent outside, to numerous vendors sharing samples of their products inside. Like it’s sister store on Lewiston Road, this Kroger also sells clothing, which is still a bit jarring for me.  It does seem to have a bit of a “Whole Foods” “Lowes” feel to its layout, capitalizing, I suspect on the “Marketplace” name. I did find one thing interesting, and this differs from the Lewiston Road location.  There isn’t an awful lot of space to sit and eat.  Maybe the Lewiston Road location is special in that feature, but I must admit, I was expecting it in this location also.  The only place set aside to sit and enjoy some food is in the Starbucks area. That being said, the proof of success will eventually boil down to what it always boils down to when it comes to grocery stores, the prices.  It’s Kroger, you have your Kroger card.  You’re getting your gas points. It’s new.  It’s shiny.  You’ll love it. Enjoy.

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