Olivia Wilde Calls Justin Bieber the ‘Greatest Singer on Earth’

Olivia Wilde has a problem with good singers doing karaoke. While appearing on an episode of SubwayTakes, a one-minute talk show set in a New York City subway cab, the actress and director revealed her hot take: Good singers shouldn't do karaoke. Wilde, 39, told host Kareem Rahma on the Wednesday (September 20) episode that she loves being booed off stage when she does karaoke because "that's the point!" When Rahma asked Wilde what if Justin Bieber were to sing karaoke, she interjected to state: "The greatest singer on Earth." Though Wilde famously dated Harry Styles for nearly two years before their split last November, he did not seem to cross her mind during the segment. However, Wilde seemingly came for Bieber back in 2013 when she wrote on Twitter at the time that he needed to "put your f---ing shirt on" after he was photographed shirtless. Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Wilde clarified her tweet, saying, "It's so cold there and I was concerned. I have a 19-year-old brother in London, and it's freezing! And if I saw him without a shirt, I would tell him to put it on." She then quipped that "people misunderstood and thought it was mean-spirited." [inlink id="justin-bieber-sells-music-catalog" text="RELATED: Justin Bieber Sells His Music Catalog For $200 Million"] Elsewhere in SubwayTakes segment, the Don't Worry Darling director explained that karaoke isn’t made for people who are vocally blessed. “They can go get paid to do that," she says. "We, in the non-good singing community, paid to be able to go and sing. We pay good money to be able to go and sing… badly." The mother of two proudly admits she's terrible and being booed off is great because you just "get the turnover and that’s the next song now. We don’t need to sit through a cover. If I wanted to hear a cover, I would just listen to the real song.” As for what Wilde's go-to karaoke favorites are, she lists Blondie's "One Way or Another," and surprisingly, she likes to sing "a lot of Tupac." The shocked host asked which song, to which Wilde says the only one usually available is "California Love." When Rahma quizzes Wilde about knowing "Changes" when he raps it, Wilde joins in and tells him the song title right away. [select-listicle listicle_id="562605" syndication_name="10-best-carpool-karaoke-segments" description="yes"]

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