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Kesha Not ‘Free’ To Release Music, But Working On It

Kesha has been working on new music after releasing her fifth album last year. Last month, the "Die Young" singer, 36, held up a sign in a parking lot reading: "New music coming soon!" In a new interview with V Magazine, the singer-songwriter revealed what she has planned next. She parted ways with Dr. Luke's record labels Kemosabe and RCA Records two months ago. Last year, she also reportedly "amicably" stopped working with Vector Management, and Kesha then signed with Crush Management earlier this month. Revealing that she has her eye on one date in particular when it comes to being able to release new material, Kesha told the publication, "There is a day marked on my calendar when I am free to release music." Without disclosing the date, she assured her "animals" she'd been "out here in the woods writing and singing till four in the morning, ferociously." [inlink id="kesha-wild-child-in-her-20s" text="RELATED: Kesha Was Pressured To Play Up Wild-Child Persona In Her 20’s"] The Los Angeles native told the outlet that she has written "somewhere between seven and 10 songs" while teaching an Esalen Institute songwriting course. Now that she has been freed from her contractual obligations with Dr. Luke, Kesha says she has never felt happier or more at peace in her entire life. In her Gag Order album, Kesha [inlink id="kesha-wild-child-in-her-20s" text="used it as an outlet"] to get rid of the anxiety she felt about being put under a microscope for so long. On top of that, to create a new image of herself that she wants people to acknowledge. As we [inlink id="kesha-dr-luke-reach-settlement" text="previously reported"], Dr. Luke's defamation lawsuit with Kesha was resolved last June. The Grammy winner sued Dr. Luke nearly a decade before, accusing him of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. Both parties released a joint public statement via Instagram following the settlement. The post has since been deleted. Kesha claimed she "cannot recount" the details of the alleged sexual abuse she faced at the hands of Dr. Luke as he wished her "well" and continues to deny the accusation. [select-listicle listicle_id="614387" syndication_name="kesha-5-best-songs" description="yes"]

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