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According to PopSugar, there are two new Starbucks secret menu items! Both of the new “unofficial” drinks were inspired by Wednesday Addams.

The first drink was created by Totally The Bomb. It was inspired by Wednesday Addams’ darker and not-so-sweet personality. The dark portion also reflects her outfit choice. But it also features a lighter side… to match her pale skin. The drink consists of a Venti Cold Brew with mocha sauce. Then that is topped with regular cold foam with a scoop of vanilla bean blended in.

The second drink is one that started trending on TikTok. This one also starts with a Venti Cold Brew.  Then you add 4 pumps of pumpkin, 3 pumps of mocha and vanilla cream cold foam.

As you can see, both drinks are actually pretty similar in ingredients and look. According to the taste test from PopSugar, both drinks are pretty strong, and not super sweet.  Although the second drink was slightly sweeter.

And of course, we know this isn’t the first of Starbucks secret menu items. Find more here.