Swifties Are Wearing Adult Diapers During Taylor Swift Concerts

If you thought die-hard Swifties are a bit crazy, well they are. Some Taylor Swift fans have taken things to extreme measures so they don't miss a second of the artist's performance during her Eras Tour. Multiple Swifties admitted on TikTok that they are attending her concerts wearing adult diapers to relieve themselves. They say after the stress and cost of getting tickets, they don't want to spend a moment missing Taylor's performance by waiting in line for the bathroom. Apparently, some folks are calling out the diaper-wearing fans for being unable to hold it in for three hours. However, pregnant Swifties have defended wearing Depends. As one pregnant fan said, she has to "pee every 30 minutes." https://www.tiktok.com/@screenshothq/video/7239319927797189914 Swifty Determination For those who aren't ready for that disgusting level of commitment, there's a Reddit thread where people are sharing their Eras Tour "bathroom break songs." The thread has over 400 comments so far. One person wrote, "If Taylor Swift doesn't need a bathroom break, then I don't." A second replied, "These questions are always reminders that I must never be properly hydrated… I don’t use the bathroom at work. A 3-hour concert? The bathroom isn’t a consideration." Another hilariously said, "I would literally wear adult briefs and just piss myself." To which another person responded, "That’s why I’m dressing as a sexy baby with a diaper and fish nets." [inlink id="taylor-swift-security-guard-eras-tour" text="RELATED: Taylor Swift Fan Became A Security Guard To Attend Eras Tour"] The "Anti-Hero" singer's [inlink id="taylor-swift-new-songs-to-kick-off-eras-tour" text="52-date tour kicked off in March"] on March 17 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Having not toured for her previous three albums, the Eras Tour marks the live debut of many of those songs. Swift has seemed to be enjoying her tour, taking to Twitter recently to express her gratitude. "Yeahhhh so the last three nights were a dreamscape and totally overwhelming. I love every single one of you who came to those 3 shows in Jersey, all 217,625 of you." She had special guests Phoebe Bridgers, Owenn, and rapper Ice Spice join her on stage. "This tour has become my entire personality," she concluded her message. https://twitter.com/taylorswift13/status/1663315162051248129 When Swift [inlink id="taylor-swift-adds-17-more-stadium-shows" text="announced the tour in November"], she called it "a journey through the musical eras of my career (past and present!)." The tour concludes with two shows at Inglewood's SoFi Stadium in August. [select-gallery gallery_id="521207" syndication_name="highest-anticipated-tours-2023" description="yes"]

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