It’s been quite a while since I’ve really taken any type of vacation.  There are a few reasons behind all of that, but I am definitely getting the urge to do some exploring.  And as the weather warms up, I plan for me and my fiancé to check out a lot more on our new Harley-Davidson we got back in December!  The truth is, you don’t have to take a long trip to enjoy some really cool places.  There are so many places around that make perfect day trips.  So I started thinking about some of my favorite spots to visit in Georgia.

I haven’t been to most of these places in a REALLY long time.  In fact, a couple of them were back when I was still in school.  As a homeschooled kid, we still took “field trips.”  Sometimes it would be with other homeschoolers, and other times we’d just have a family outing.  Either way, we got to see some really neat places.  And while I’m not always the best at recalling details, dates, and such, I do have a love for historical things!  I think that’s a big part of a few of the places on my list.

And you’ll also see the dancer side of me in one of these locations!  So, let’s get to it!

My favorite spots to visit in Georgia

  • Jekyll Island

    As a beach lover, this spot had to be the first on my list!  It’s been a few years since we’ve visited… but it definitely is a great spot for a day trip.  Anytime I have the opportunity to be by the water, I’m going to take it!

  • Savannah

    Close by Jekyll Island… there’s Savannah.  Remember I said I enjoy history?  And there’s a lot of it in Savannah.  Plus River Street is such a fun place to shop and dine! And if I’m ever in the area… The one stop I have to make– River Street Sweets.  Those pralines are to die for!

  • Lake Lanier

    I haven’t been to Lake Lanier since my college days.  But it all goes back to being on the water!  I’ll never turn down a chance to sit by, or be out on, the water!

  • Pine Mountain/Callaway Gardens

    Switching gears a bit here.  But the Pine Mountain area of Georgia is a beautiful place to visit!  It’s been years since I’ve been there, but I just discovered they have some glamping that looks really cool. And it’s also fun to check out the Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens during the holiday season.

  • The Fox Theatre

    I grew up about an hour south of Atlanta.  When I was 11, I started taking dance classes.  I loved it, and danced until my sophomore year of college.  I think my first show at the Fox Theatre was CATS!  I remember my dance studio took a trip there to see the show, and we were going to be doing a few songs from CATS for our recital.  I also saw The Nutcracker there, and the Rockettes!

  • Helen

    When I was young, this is where we took a few family vacations!  My parents actually went to Helen on their honeymoon.  I love the many shops and places to eat too.  There are also many great outdoor experiences too!  We once tried tubing on the river when we were young.  I remember the water was pretty low and we got stuck on the rocks a few times! And there’s also Anna Ruby Falls close by!

  • Providence Canyon State Park

    Have you ever been to the “Little Grand Canyon”? We went on one of our homeschool field trips to this spot!  I’ve never been to the real Grand Canyon, but I can tell you… this was a cool experience!

    It’s actually Providence Canyon State Park.  And it’s located in Lumpkin, GA, which is just over a 4 hour drive from the CSRA.  It’s just south of Columbus, GA, and close to the Alabama line.

  • Andersonville

    This spot is only slightly closer than the Little Grand Canyon.  It’s Andersonville, GA.  This is where part of my love of history comes in.  Apparently, nearly 13,000 men died on the grounds in this area, which became infamous even before the end of the Civil War.  There’s the Andersonville National Cemetery (veterans are still buried there to this day). It also includes the National Prisoner of War Museum, honoring all American POWs.

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