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TikTok teaches us something new all of the time! And at least once a month or so, or sooner, you’ll find new food trends emerging.  Some are not so safe, and others simply fall flat.  But still, we continue to learn and experience new ways to enjoy our favorite foods, or try something new. And Pancake Spaghetti is one of the latest emerging trends on the app.

Trending on TikTok

According to Mashed, the last time pancakes were trending on TikTok was back in 2020 during the pandemic.  Apparently, everyone was making pancake cereal. I guess I missed that one. It was basically coin-sized pancakes in a bowl, eaten like cereal.  You could enjoy them with a splash of milk or syrup.  While they might have been good, they seemed to be a lot of work flipping the tiny pancakes.

The Latest Pancake Trend

Pancakes have stepped back into the spotlight on TikTok recently, thanks to a TikTok user, @brianaarchuleta, who shared her husband’s pancake hack.  It’s a fun way to eat a classic favorite, and seems fairly easy to make. While some call it Pancake Spaghetti, the TikTok creator’s husband calls it “squiggle cakes.”

Honestly, it makes me think of funnel cake!  Especially when sprinkling powdered sugar over it.  And there were a few users who tried to say it was funnel cake– but the creator pointed out the difference: funnel cakes are fried, while these are made just like pancakes!

One user even suggested adding some “meatballs” to the spaghetti… Perhaps some sausage or fruit?

The man behind the creation even shares what inspired the tweak to traditional pancakes.  He was rushing to make pancakes for the kids before school. As he cleared the counter, he picked up a package of spaghetti and that’s when he got the idea.

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