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Atlanta Is One Of The Best Citys To Start A Business In 2024

The greater Atlanta area is certainly a popular place to roll your sleeves up and achieve your dreams. In fact, according to WalletHub, Atlanta is one of the best cities in which to start a business. "It’s especially important to live in a city that provides an environment where new businesses can thrive, with enough capital, workers and customers to keep it going long-term,” analyst Cassandra Hope states. An important point detailed in this report as the landscape of entrepreneurship in this country has changed a bit post-pandemic. So, to understand where people should be in order to have a great chance of starting a business, 19 different metrics were studied here. They were then arranged into three categories: business environment, access to resources, and business costs. This ranking applies to all industries. Everything from the restaurant industry to the technology industry was considered. Atlanta Is One Of The Best Cities To Start A Business In 2024 In fact, Atlanta finished as the number six city. Finishing just behind Charlotte, North Carolina and a few Florida cities, Atlanta's business environment helped catapult it up to the top of the list. The Peach State seems to be a breeding ground for great new businesses to open their doors. WalletHub references the low corporate tax rates that allow companies to retain more of their revenue as an appealing point. They also said, "The monetary benefits of Tampa are evident in the fact that the city scores very high on the Entrepreneurial Activity Index, which indicates that there is a large number of startups in the city, and those startups have a high survival rate." There was only a three-point difference between Atlanta's score ranking and Tampa's, which finished second overall. Business cost was the main differentiator. Overall, the southeast region of the country dominated the top of the list of the best places to start a business. All of the cities in the top 10 were located in either Florida, Georgia, Texas, or North Carolina. Furthermore, the same pattern holds true when you look at the top 20 cities in the country where you can start a business. Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho were the only other states to crack the top 20. For those in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, we are in a great spot to act upon those creative business plans. The Atlanta Tribune says, "with 118 CEOs per 100,000 residents, Atlanta has twice more CEOs than the national average — making it one of the best places to network and learn from proven business owners." [select-gallery gallery_id="756227" syndication_name="the-16-best-images-from-the-final-round-of-the-2024-masters" description="yes"]

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