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I have to admit… I think this is pretty cool! And, I will say, I’m fascinated by people who live in RVs, or those tiny homes.  Honestly, I’ve never been the type to feel like I had to have a big house or anything… but now that I’ve acquired some much stuff throughout the years, I think it would be really hard to downsize.  But check this out!  This Australian couple lives in a Coca-Cola truck!

According to Yahoo! News, the Australian couple, Pauli and Clara, purchased the delivery truck for $17,000. They were searching for a way to put a roof over their heads and had checked into various vans and small buses.  But with Pauli being tall, most of their options weren’t big enough.

Pauli is a carpenter, so he dove in on converting the Coca-Cola truck into their home.  It took about a year before the project was complete.  They are able to live rent-free and are fully “off grid.”  They use solar and deep-cycle batteries, plus have gutters to collect rain water to fill their water tank.

The cute little home on wheels has taken the couple to various cities, and they are currently taking it around the continent of Australia this year.

As for work, Pauli plans to take on odd jobs here and there, while Clara has an online business she’ll continue with.

The couple is documenting their journey on both Instagram and TikTok.

Couple Lives in Coca-Cola Truck – Before and After

The truck is appropriately named Cola.

Just check out the inside of this thing!  It’s beautiful!

Now I’m back to thinking how much stuff I need to declutter and start living as a minimalist!  I think I could do it… maybe!  As long as I have enough space for me, my fiancé, and the three pups!