Recently, I wrote about the new viral TikTok trend, “Butter Boards.” Of course, some are saying that’s the new charcuterie board.  Whichever you believe doesn’t matter when you discover THIS – the Barkuterie Board! Yes, this is the BEST kind of board.

A Barkuterie Board!


It’s a heckin’ good birthday when your human makes you a barkuterie 🐶 board #birthdaygirl #goldenretriever #barkuterieboard

♬ original sound - The lives of Lucy & Lady

If this isn’t the CUTEST thing ever, I don’t know what is!  I’d never seen this before… but of course, once I find one, I’m going to look for others.  And let me tell you, TikTok did NOT disappoint.  There are so many great ones… and I think it’s such a cute way to show your pups some love!

I will tell you, I thought MY dogs were spoiled.  But I have never done anything quite like this for them. It’s never too late though… Maybe a little Halloween themed Barkuterie Board would be cool?  Honestly, my three pups don’t really care at all how their food is displayed. I mean, really, they eat off the floor… and are so food driven!  I swear anytime they are given treats, I’m not even sure they taste them. But that doesn’t stop me from giving them treats!

So for a little cheering up on this dreary Friday… enjoy these absolutely adorable dogs enjoying their Barkuterie Boards!

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