As I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day, I stumbled across a post about things no one over 30 needs in their home. As I read this list of 10 things no one needs at home, I realized I’m guilty of still having a few of these!  And yes, I’m over the age of 30!


Let me start by saying… I wish I was a minimalist.  I’ve said that numerous times in my life.  Honestly, I tend to hold on to things WAY longer than I should.  Another issue I have is being sentimental.  If someone gave me something, I have a hard time letting go of it. Even if I rarely or never use it!

I always have the best of intentions when it comes to decluttering though.  And when I do get that burst of motivation, I always feel super accomplished.  Yet, a few months down the road and I still feel overwhelmed by STUFF!

Things No One Needs At Home

So as I read this list of things no one needs at home on Apartment, I realized I am in major need of another declutter session.  Maybe I’ll make time to do that this weekend? Or maybe not!  I have to be in the right mood… that’s not just me, right?

I will say when it comes to decluttering… I usually try to tackle it all at once.  And that can be very overwhelming! At one point, a friend of mine recommended “Declutter Like A Mother,” on Facebook. Her approach is really doable! She breaks it down in a way where you don’t get overwhelmed because you do a little at a time.  And she really walks you through each room.  Obviously, everyone’s homes are a little different, but for the most part, her method is effective if you can stick with it!

Personally, I do know that if I set my mind to it, and break it into chunks, I can do it too.  I just have to set aside the time.  It’s not that I don’t have the time… it’s just that when I do, decluttering ISN’T what I want to do necessarily. But then I think about what it’ll be like if I sell my house and have to move.  UGH!  I have WAY too much stuff and don’t want to have to pack it all up.  Not that I’m moving anytime soon, but just puts things in perspective.

So enough about that… now on to the list of things no one needs at home, according to Apartment

  • 1. Wire Clothes Hangers

    Guilty on this one for sure! BUT, who wants to go buy new hangers when you have some already? I’m not about to go out and buy new ones! Honestly, the wire ones have held up better than some others I’ve gotten throughout the years.  This article suggests getting quality plastic, solid metal, or those fancy wooden ones.  Maybe one day I’ll upgrade.  But for now, I’m going to be cheap and use what I have!

    wire clothes hangers

    Photo: Getty Images

  • 2. Shot Glass Collection

    I can somewhat agree with this one.  Unless you’re someone who collects them from places you’ve been (I have a friend that does that). Since I really don’t drink anymore, there’s very little need for them in my house.  But I do still have a couple.

  • 3. College Textbooks

    Another one I can agree on.  Unless you’re in a certain field where you’ll need to reference those… Personally, I think I sold all of my books as soon as I finished each class!  Because I didn’t want them taking up space, and knew I’d never need them again.  Plus, textbooks were kind of expensive, so if you can sell them and get a couple of dollars… it’s a WIN!

    college textbooks

    Photo: Getty Images

  • 4. Clothes That Don't Fit

    I don’t routinely go through my clothes… but every now and then I’ll try to clean out my closet.  Mine isn’t so much about keeping things that don’t fit. It’s more about having things in there that I’ve only worn once or twice– or bought something for a special occasion and NEVER wore it! I have a few of those currently now that I think about it.  I either need to find a reason to wear them, or get rid of them!  So if it’s something you haven’t worn in a while, get rid of it! I’m also guilty of something missing a button, or having a stain I’m convinced I’ll be able to get rid of… but never get around to actually trying to treat it!

    Clothes that don't fit

    Photo: Getty Images

  • 5. Plastic Cups

    The article mainly points out having a bunch of mismatched drinkware.  Honestly, I got rid of a set of glasses because I never used them.  We typically drink out of Yeti cups (we have quite a few of those), a plastic cup just to grab a quick drink, or a bottle or can.  I also have my emotional support water bottle that I drink out of 99% of the time… And some of my plastic cups are “sentimental” because they came from events we’ve done with the station, or races that I’ve run.

    plastic cups

    Photo: Getty Images

  • 6. Unused Bedding

    Old, unused bedding does take up space in the linen closet… and when I have pulled it out on the rare occasion– it typically smells “stale.” I do like to keep a back up set of sheets for my bed just in case… but I probably do need to clean out some other old bedding.  I do keep old pillowcases though, because I use those to clean my ceiling fan blades!

  • 7. Mismatched Towels

    Somewhat of the same concept here as with the bedding.  BUT, I’ve never been one to have a bunch of matching linens and towels anyway.  I have a few we keep in rotation for ourselves, and some old, ratty towels I keep because I have dogs… and when I bathe them, it takes a whole bunch of towels to dry them off!

    mismatched towels

    Photo: Getty Images

  • 8. Novelty Mugs

    I actually got rid of a bunch of mugs years ago, because I wasn’t really drinking out of them anyway.  And now, when I’m drinking my hot tea, I drink out of a metal tumbler.  So there’s not much need for a coffee mug.  I think I have a couple, just for the rare occasion I make some hot chocolate, or happen to be staying home to drink the rare cup of coffee or hot tea.

  • 9. Unused Electronics

    I’m guilty on this one.  I know I have a couple of old laptops that died years ago… And probably at least a couple of old cellphones too.  I really should go through all that and get rid of them.  The article also mentions DVDs and CDs… I think I have a few of those, but not many.

    Unused old electronics

    Photo: Getty Images

  • 10. Mismatched Food Storage Containers

    GUILTY here too. I have quite a few variety and styles of plastic storage containers.  Most of them I use at some point.  And I think I’ve gotten rid of the random ones without a lid, or lid without a match.  In recent years, I have accumulated a few quality glass containers that are probably better in the long run, but I still use the plastic ones too!

    mismatched food storage containers

    Photo: Getty Images

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