I will be the first to admit… I’m a pretty awkward person. Or at least that’s how I feel 99% of the time.  And sometimes I do things in front of other people that I am so embarrassed by. But the truth is… most of them are common embarrassing moments that we’ve all had at some point. That’s the thing.  We’re all human. And we all have moments that don’t show us at our best.  I do have to tell you what got me thinking about this though!

One Of My Many Moments…

Yesterday, I was meeting with my boss.  It was just the two of us, talking about a variety of things.  He was in the middle of telling me something, and I decided to take a big sip of my hot tea. And… it went down the wrong way.  Immediately I started to cough.  At first, he thought I was laughing.  And then he realized I was actually choking on my drink.  My eyes were watering and I couldn’t stop coughing.  I tried to talk, but my voice was raspy.  In my head, I was thinking, “I bet I look ridiculous.”  After I finally stopped coughing, I joked that if a drink was going to take me out, I wouldn’t want it to be hot tea!

But again… We’ve all had our moments, right? What’s funny though… I started looking up common embarrassing moments.  And I also did a quick search on choking on a drink… And this girl NAILED exactly what my brain was thinking yesterday!

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Common Embarrassing Moments

As I searched for other common embarrassing moments, I came across a list from College Times. Here are some of the ones I can definitely relate to!

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