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Are you ready for Spooky Season? I just recently posted about a girl who was so excited that it was September so she could decorate for Fall. And I shared with you how I’m not really one to decorate for anything, except Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy most holidays, I just don’t get THAT into it with decorating.

Although, as I scrolled TikTok today, I might have to change up my habits.  Some of these things are just too easy and funny that I might have to give them a go.

But, I must admit… I’m really not big on Halloween.  Me and scary things just don’t mix well.  Although, I do enjoy scary movies (even if they give me nightmares… I’m a glutton for punishment I guess).  And I also love true crime anything.

Anyway, enjoy these fun decorating ideas courtesy of TikTok… and get ready for Spooky Season!