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CHICAGO - DECEMBER 18: Ryan Young plays his tuba during Tuba Christmas December 18, 2003 in Chicago. Over 400 tuba players participated in the annual holiday event playing Christmas carol favorites. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

This is the worst version of Jingle Bells.  I was in the band in middle school.  I played percussion.  While most percussion instruments were easy, it was the xylophone that gave half of us trouble.  We commonly referred to them as “the bells”.  We had to actually know how to read musical notes similar to the piano.  Whenever we’d take tests on the xylophone as a group, half of us would start on the right note and the other half would start on random notes.  When it came time to take individual tests, it was easier to tell who practiced and who didn’t.  We weren’t the only section that didn’t know what was going on half the time.  We were a lot like the middle school band in the video below.

I was in the middle school band for two years.  Like most schools with bands, we had an annual Christmas recital.  We started practicing for it right after Halloween.  We could’ve started practicing for it at the beginning of the year and it wouldn’t have changed the fact that a quarter of the band was always going to start on the wrong note for most of the recital.  I got to start one song with a snare drum solo and as soon as I started, a flute joined in when it wasn’t supposed to.  Looking back though, I bet these were fun as a parent.  Sort of cringe-worthy, but you knew the kids were trying and as long as they got from the beginning to end it was a win.  This was the vibe I got from this video; even the teacher added a bit of humor at the end.  This is the worst version of Jingle Bells.  It’s also the best, haha!


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