Driving A Power Wheel Without A License Is A Crime To This Woman

Driving a power wheel without a license is a crime to this woman.  The video of her shaming the mother has gone viral on Twitter.  In the video, the older woman starts telling the mother of the kids that they shouldn't be driving their Power Wheel around the park.  The confrontation began on the walking track of the park while the kids were driving around in the grassy area.  I don't know if they almost hit the woman while she was walking, but she seemed a little too upset at two kids having fun in their toy car.  The mother happened to be recording the encounter.  I was expecting the woman to say that they almost ran her over.  Instead, she explained that she was bothered by the fact that neither of them had a driver's license.  No joke.  First of all, the kids look to be 4 or 5.  Second, it's a Power Wheel.  Has she never seen one or had a child or grandchild that had one?  She eventually walked away, but I can't believe that driving a power wheel without a license is a crime to this woman.  Watch below! https://twitter.com/KarenAwards/status/1620112593678643200?s=20

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