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Ed Sheeran's Head Is Being Donated To Charity

Every year Ed Sheeran donates a few of his personal possessions to the St. Elizabeth Hospice Shop located in his U.K. hometown, in an attempt to raise as much money as possible.  This year he donated a life-sized Lego model of his head that HE constructed.  Check this thing out... Ed Sheeran donates life-size Lego…

Rihanna Never Leaves A Bar Empty Handed

During an "Ocean's 8" interview, Rihanna found out that she has a consistent habit when she leaves a bar or party.  She likes to walk right out and leave with the glass she was drinking from.  Her reaction to finding this out is priceless... No related posts.

Real Life Spider Man Scales A Building To Save A Child

A man in France climbed up the side of a building to save a four-year-old boy who was dangling from a fourth-floor balcony.  The man had just moved to Paris from Mali.  Because of his heroics,  the President rewarded him with a medal and a promise of citizenship.  The boy was completely alone and police…

These Video Clips From The Kilauea Volcano Are Insane

Lava from the volcano is now flowing into the Pacific Ocean.  A man has also been injured when lava from a fissure struck his leg. Rivers of fast-moving lava flow from Hawaii's volcano.Lava From Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Has Reached the Pacific Ocean and It's Creating a New Danger#Kilauea #volcano lava #World#Nature pic.twitter.com/ASWEgj55or — Aravindh JV…