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Here's One Thing Selena Gomez Was Not Expecting On Her 26th Birthday

Taylor Swift is talented at many things, and that also includes baking.  Check out this sweet cake she baked for Selena Gomez's 26th birthday celebration over the weekend... Taylor made this beautiful cake for Selena’s birthday! A post shared by Taylor Swift Updates (@taylorswift.updates13) on Jul 22, 2018 at 12:51pm PDT No related posts.

Scary Moment On America's Got Talent Involving A Trapeze Duo!

My heart stopped when I watched this!  The trapeze duo who messed up on "America's Got Talent", causing the woman to fall to the stage, say part of the reason they messed up was because the crowd was too loud and they couldn't hear their cues.  Fortunately, the woman only bruised her back, and said the…

A New Chapter Has Begun For Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato got emotional while playing a song called "Sober" recently.  The singer played the piano as she sang the ballad’s honest lyrics about falling off the wagon after six years sober.  The song apologizes to family, friends and fans for letting them down.  The fans that were in attendance showed her tremendous emotional support…

Bebe Rexha Kicked Off Her Weekend With A Little Gold

A year ago she performed in Augusta.  Last Friday, exactly one year later, she performed "I Got You", her new single "I'm A Mess", and her hit single "Meant To Be" on GMA.  Her new album "Expectations" also dropped Friday and before 10:00 AM it went certified gold!  Here's a recap from Bebe's appearance on…

Does This Mark The End Of The Selfie Era?

Kim Kardashian, the Queen of selfies, is over them.  She says she has taken her last selfie and will now concentrate on "living in the moment."  She did say, however, she won't stop taking pictures with friends and fans.  Here she is turning down a selfie during a recent TV interview... No related posts.

Ed Sheeran's Head Is Being Donated To Charity

Every year Ed Sheeran donates a few of his personal possessions to the St. Elizabeth Hospice Shop located in his U.K. hometown, in an attempt to raise as much money as possible.  This year he donated a life-sized Lego model of his head that HE constructed.  Check this thing out... Ed Sheeran donates life-size Lego…