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My wife and I have 2 cats and a dog.  I guess you could say we’re parents in training, but we also understand that having a kid is a much bigger responsibility.  I will say that our dog loves leaving a path destruction when it comes to ripping up beds.  She also doesn’t finish swallowing her water so she leaves a wet trail throughout the house.  Let’s not forgot when she rushes inside while it rains and doesn’t stop to let us wipe her paws.  That’s a fun 30 minute floor mopping, said no-one ever.  The cats are just cats.  They like knocking things off of shelves and do everything they can to scale our Christmas for two months.  While we think we have our hands full, we know kids are far more unpredictable.  This TikTok is proof.

A Mom’s toddler managed to get into their fridge and found what looks to be chocolate.  The kid ate the entire cake while leaving a path of total destruction all the way to the brand new couch, which is now chocolate stained and the landing spot for one heavy sugar crash.  This video gave me so much anxiety, haha.  Check it out below!