Coronavirus isn’t the only outbreak that we’ve experienced in 2020. There’s also been an influx of “Karens,” going viral with over-dramatic temper tantrums. (If you’re not familiar with the term Karen, it’s a slang term that refers to difficult, overly-demanding women.)

Although Karens are nothing new in 2020, it seems like the weirdness has brought out a new level of Karen-ness (is that a word? It is now.) in Karens. People can’t even sing their relatives happy birthday without unleashing the wrath of Karen…

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Jenny Bender is one third of the Kicks Wake Up Krew on Kicks 99 in Augusta, Georgia, along with Cash & Dub. She's married to Chris Bender and is doting dog mom to their two rescue fur babies, Mary Poppins Bender & Truly Scrumptious Bender. Jenny is a karaoke queen who loves Jesus, country music, cheese, and the color pink.