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The End of an Era: Augusta Restaurant is Closing

Another legendary Augusta restaurant is closing for good.  On Saturday according to their Facebook page, Ruth's Family Restaurant is closing. Ruth's Family Restaurant opened in 1965 by  Ruth Goodbread who passed away in 2013.  The current owners Pete and Dee Garland purchased Ruth's on January 1, 2011.  Miss Ruth continued to eat with the Goodbread family until her passing in 2013.  Breakfast all day and the best southern cooking in the entire CSRA.  Ruth's Family Restaurant is located 3843 Washington Road, Augusta. If you don't know why people love Ruth's Family Restaurant, try getting in on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you'll see the wait.  Once you are in there to eat, you'll know why there was a wait and you are happy you waited. It Wasn't Just About Breakfast At Ruth's While breakfast was on the chart.  These southern treats were another reason to go: Country Fried Steak - I liked the white gravy Country Fried Chicken Hamburger Steak Salmon Patties Pork Chops All served with 2 veggies with a biscuit or corn muffin. So while Ruth's Family Restaurant is closing, you still have till the end of the year to head over and try it out.  These kind of reviews say it all: Excellent!! Country fried steak breakfast is awesome!! Always great service. Delicious southern home cooking at affordable prices in a cozy diner setting. Enjoyed my meal very much. Great food and service! Food is always consistently good and service is even better!! Family friendly. Great food. Good portions. Good prices. Excellent service. We will miss having Ruth's Family Restaurant in Augusta. [gallery columns="1" size="medium" ids="315134,315149,315146,315152,315131,315137,315143,315140,"] [select-listicle listicle_id="355559" syndication_name="5-best-places-to-get-breakfast-in-augusta-and-aiken" description="yes"]

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