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5 Things Only People From The South Will Understand

These are some things only people from The South will understand. Now I'm not saying that other parts of the country don't do the things we're going to talk about. I'm just saying that these things are deeply a part of our culture. These things have been a part of the southern way of life for a long time. If you're from The South, or you've been here for a while, odds are you've all done these things at some point. People From The South Will Get It Odds are you've probably heard people say, "It's a Southern thing" if you've been here for more than a few weeks. Or if you've lived here your whole life, you've definitely told people "It's a Southern thing". There are certain things that just resonate with people in The South than they do in other parts of the country. I was looking at the website WhenInYourState.comĀ and they were talking about things only people from Georgia would understand. Of course, being from Georgia, I had to read that list. However, I didn't want to leave our friends across the river in South Carolina out. So I took some of the things that we all share and used them to help me come up with this list. Down here in The South, we may do things a little slower, but there's a reason for that. In my opinion, the reason we move a little slower is we're trying to soak in everything around us. We know that we have limited time here and we don't want to miss anything. Another thing you hear about people from The South is that we're so nice. I think that's true for the majority of us, now don't get me wrong, you'll find some Southern people that aren't so great. We just look at them, say "Bless your heart" and move on. For more lists, articles, photo galleries, and videos from The Kicks Wake Up Krew, click here. A Few Things Only People From The South Will Understand

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