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During Friday afternoon (Aug. 30), Dorian was a Category 2 hurricane that was expected to intensify into a forceful Category 4, which posed a prolonged danger that may transpire in Florida and the southeastern United States for days, as the Weather Channel reported.

In the evening, hurricane Dorian strengthened to a Category 3 with winds up to 115 mph, and now it’s reached a Category 4 major hurricane.

Maximum sustained winds have increased to 130 mph, which is what makes Dorian a Category 4 hurricane.

Pressure has also decreased to 950 mb, which is a 20 mb decrease from the advisory that was given at 5 p.m.

The pressure decrease may be the start of a rapid intensification phase. The center of hurricane Dorian is about 400 miles east of the northwestern Bahamas, and the hurricane is moving in the direction of west-northwest, going at almost 10mph.

The majority of the northwestern Bahamas now have a hurricane warning, except for Andros Island, which is currently still in a hurricane watch.



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