May is "National Hamburger Month"

May is ‘National Hamburger Month.’ Like most people, I love hamburgers. I try not to eat them too much as, I have learned, that a protruding, bulbous midsection isn’t a desirable look for a man. And, as I get older, keeping that midsection at bay has become more of a chore.

You Just Can’t Beat A Good Burger

But, sometimes, I just want a burger. There are several great burger options around Augusta: Whiskey Bar (Kitchen), Farmhaus and The Sports Center are common names that get thrown around on these lists. However, today, I want to talk about my favorite fast food burgers.

I do a LOT of driving, especially on the weekends. DJing weddings will do that. Sometimes I just don’t have time to sit down to a regular meal. A fast food burger is a quick, easy, convenient meal that is easily consumed behind the wheel of a car.

For Car Eating, Burgers > Tacos

Admittedly, I prefer tacos. But, tacos can be challenging while driving. Despite your best efforts, you’re most likely going to drop some of those delicious taco ingredients in your lap. Years ago, we enjoyed tacos during a family trip on the way to the zoo. It wasn’t until we were well into our zoo trip that I noticed that some of my taco meat had fallen into my seat and stained my khaki shorts in a very precarious spot. It looked like I had an ‘accident.’ I vowed to never have car tacos again.

Which Burgers Are The Best?

Most people know about my love for tacos. So, when I found that I can’t safely consume them behind the wheel, thus began my research into my favorite fast-food burger. I’m too indecisive to settle on just one. So, the following are my favorite fast-food hamburgers and the specific reasons I like them.

Favorite Fast-Food Burgers For National Hamburger Month

  • The Burger King Whopper

    The Burger King Whopper will probably always be my favorite. It’s a classic. I love the flame-broiled taste- AND SMELL! Burger King is real good about pumping out that grilled burger smell as you drive past their restaurant. It’s gotta be the best marketing for a burger restaurant. It just lures me in.


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  • The Krystal With Cheese

    Yea, I said it. I like Krystal’s little gut-bomb burgers. Sure, my level of inebriation influences just how much I enjoy these little greasy boxes of goodness. And, admittedly, I enjoy the Krystal Chiks more. But, I always make sure to add a Krystal with Cheese to my order.


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  • The Quarter Pounder

    This one serves a purpose. The only time I eat at McDonald’s is when I’m nursing a hangover. And, ordering food at Mickey D’s when you’re hungover is even more excruciating than usual, which is saying a lot. But, it’s worth it. I don’t know what is in the Quarter Pounder, which is scary. But, whatever it is, is a hangover cure. Seriously. I can be feeling like death, but after eating that Quarter Pounder, I feel like a new man. It’s weird.

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  • The Wendy's Single With Cheese

    This one comes with an asterisk. The Wendy’s Single with Cheese was rebranded as the “Dave’s Classic” at some point. While the “Dave’s Classic” is delicious, I prefer the old-school “Single with Cheese.” This was a smashed, square, greasy, sloppy burger of perfection. This was one of the rare times when, the sloppier the burger looked, the better it was going to taste. The “Dave’s Classic” looks a little too buttoned-up… like it’s going to an interview or something.


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  • The Big Star

    I forget about Hardee’s. That might be why it’s on my faves list. I am guilty of rotating through the same 3 or 4 options with most of my dining choices. But, sometimes, I come across Hardee’s and remember that these burgers are probably the closet you’ll come to a backyard-grilled burger. The onions and pickles are usually pretty crisp and fresh. This is just an all-around good burger.


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  • The Big Buford

    There aren’t many Checkers around town but this is probably the best-tasting burger on the list, in my opinion. Add to that those seasoned fries? Man, please! I could eat this one every day! But, then we’d have that swelling-of-the-midsection problem.


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  • Honorable Mentions

    Five Guys: Good & Greasy!


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      Steak n’ Shake: The Frisco Melt is where it’s at! Sadly, our Steak n’ Shake is no longer.


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      Gary’s Hamburgers: GREAT burgers! But, don’t go if you’re in a hurry.

    Sonic: I almost forget that they have burgers but they’re not too bad!


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      Whataburger: They’re not around here, but I’m holding out hope!


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