Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

There’s a new weird vehicle law to file into the “why is that even a law?” category.

Most everyone has heard by now that the “Carolina Squat” has been banned in Carolina. Tis a shame. The very state that this fad is named after, turning it’s back on all of the really, really, amazingly cool people that do this to their trucks.

Ridiculous Vehicle Customizations Have Been Around A Long Time

Look, I’m not knocking it… well, maybe a little bit. I think it looks ridiculous but, we also did things to our vehicles when I was younger that the older generations didn’t like. The only difference is, our modifications actually did look really cool!

Besides, “Carolina Squat” sounds like something you do when you have to use the bathroom in the woods at an impromptu mud-bogging competition behind a boarded-up Piggly-Wiggly somewhere in-between Barnwell & Hilda. But, I digress.

Silly Young Fad? Ban It!

I thought about writing about other strange South Carolina
. But, that’s been done before. Instead, I thought we could look at a few silly driving laws from other states. Believe me, there are plenty.

10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

  • Take Off Your Blindfold In Alabama

    10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

    Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama Road Sign along Interstate 10 in Robertsdale, Alabama USA, near the State Border with Florida.

    First, we can look at our neighbors to the west: Alabama, where it is illegal to drive blindfolded. It’s also illegal for passengers to obstruct the view of the driver. This one seems a little obvious. But it IS Alabama, after all.

  • Do Not Honk At The Sandwiches In Arkansas

    10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

    I hope this guy isn’t honking at sandwiches after 9pm!

    In Little Rock, Arkansas, it’s illegal to honk your horn at a sandwich shop after 9pm. This one seems oddly specific.

  • Be Careful When Throwing Bottle Rockets From Your Window In Utah

    10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

    This sweet, lil old lady was sure to stop her car before throwing flaming objects out the window.

    The Utah State Legislature says that you may not throw any lighted material from a moving vehicle. Soooo, I have to stop first?

  • Cali: Where Running From The Po-Po Is Frowned Upon

    10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

    If you see this in your rearview, you should probably not try to outrun them…in any state.

    Surprise, surprise, it’s a misdemeanor to use a motor vehicle to flee or attempt to evade law enforcement performing their duties in California. I would have never guessed.

  • Illinois, Where They Take All The Fun Out Of Driving

    10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

    The law says you must have a steering wheel. It doesn’t say you have to use it.

    It is apparently illegal in the state of Illinois to drive a vehicle without a steering wheel. I’d love to hear the story of why this had to be put in the law books.

  • What, Exactly, Are They Doing With Their Pets In Kentucky? And, Do We Even Want To Know?

    10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

    Don’t get any ideas, li’l doggy!

    In Fort Thomas, Kentucky, it is illegal for your pet to molest a vehicle. Just pause for a minute and let that one sink in.

  • Wipe your Tires On The Doormat Before Driving In Minnesota

    10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

    Better keep your tires nice and clean in Minnesota

    In Minnetonka, Minnesota, it is illegal for your tires to deposit dirt, mud, sticky substances, litter or other material on the roadway. Maybe they should purify their tires in the waters of lake Minnetonka! Sorry, Prince joke.

  • Louisiana Says: "Ladies, Start Your Engines!"

    10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

    She must have realized that no one waved the “you can drive now” flag.

    In Louisiana, a woman’s husband must first wave a red flag in front of her car before she can drive it. It’s not as bad as it sounds, it’s kind of like how they used to wave a flag to start street races, right? See, it’s all in how you look at it!

  • Driving In Ohio Is A Gas

    10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

    This light can cause you some legal trouble in some states

    In Youngstown Ohio, it is a misdemeanor to run out of gas. For some reason, I ran out of gas a LOT as a teenager. Youngstown PD would have loved me.

  • Just How Are You Supposed To Drive your Sheep To The Bar In Montana?

    10 Weird U.S. Vehicle Laws

    “What was I supposed to do, officer? He called ‘shotgun’!”

    And, finally, it is illegal in Montana to cruise around with a sheep in your vehicle. I guess they’re taking the fun out of everything, nowadays!

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