Recently, we took a look at 7 Georgia laws that are a bit out there. And now it’s time to check out these 7 crazy South Carolina laws.  As we all know, laws are created for various reasons.  And they vary around the country.  But it’s amazing to see that some states have created what seem like the most random laws.  You have to wonder where these even came from.  What happened to make them say, “Yes, we need to create a law to keep people from putting their horse in a bathtub”?

The website Only In Your State has lists and fun facts for all the states. And when it comes to crazy laws, they’ve compiled lists for each state.  In South Carolina, there are actually 16 on their list. But for today, we’re going to share the 7 craziest ones!

Just like with Georgia, there isn’t really a back story for the laws. Also, the chances of being prosecuted for these are pretty slim to none (like the tattoo one…). So let’s get to it with the 7 crazy South Carolina laws!

  • Tattoos Are Illegal

    Yep, it says it’s an “offense to get a tattoo.” To clarify: tattoos are legal in South Carolina now, but the law is still on the books!

    Man Sitting In Chair Having Tattoo On Arm In Parlor

    Photo: monkeybusinessimages / iStock / Getty Images

  • You Can't Keep Your Horse In A Bathtub

    We can only assume this is related to the donkey in a bathtub we talked about for crazy Georgia laws. Not sure about this one!

    Beautiful luxury vintage bath on a wooden floor against a brick wall background

    Photo: kanzefar / iStock / Getty Images Plus

  • Get A Permit If You Want To Fire A Missile!

    This makes sense… because it could be dangerous.  It’s best to let someone know you’re going to fire a missile.  But honestly, who’s out here just randomly firing missiles in South Carolina that they had to make this a law?

    Launching military rockets in the woodlands, war shot defense attack.

    Photo: aapsky / iStock / Getty Images Plus

  • Every Adult Must Bring A Rifle To Church

    They are to bring the rifle to church on Sundays to ward off Indian attacks.  You have to wonder how long ago this was made a law…

    heavenly religious church chapel steeple in silhouette against a azure blue purple cloudscape sky

    Photo: DrewBuzz / iStock / Getty Images Plus

  • Don't Urinate In The Waters

    Why this law even needs to be made has us concerned for mankind.  The law is: It is illegal to urinate in the waters of any South Carolina park.

    Falls Park on the Reedy, A beautiful park space in Greenville, South Carolina.

    Photo: Thom_Morris / iStock / Getty Images Plus

  • Changing Clothes At A Gas Station?

    Apparently, you may not change clothes in a gas station without permission.  If they mean just in the store… that’s understandable. But if it’s in the bathroom, why would you need permission?

    Gasoline Station and Convenience Store REWORKED

    Photo: WendellandCarolyn / iStock / Getty Images Plus

  • Horses Wearing Pants

    Um… have you ever seen a horse wear pants? This law literally says, “Horses are to wear pants at all times.”  This one makes absolutely no sense, and you have to wonder where the idea even came from!

    Horse in orange autumn trees

    Photo: Nemyrivskyi Viacheslav / iStock / Getty Images Plus


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