Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday: Meet Bingley

Meet Today's Wet Nose Wednesday Pup: Bingley! Get To Know Me: Bingley is one of those dogs that will grab your heart and never let go, so get ready! Bingley is a sweet boy who is under 2 years of age, around 30 pounds and is a tri-paw. Everyone loves the three legged doggies who have no idea they only have three legs and they run, jump and play with the best of them and Bingley is one of them! He is also very smart, knows several commands, is good on a leash and would love a home with a doggie playmate. He may startle too easily with small children and he won’t do well with cats. So let’s this party started and reach out if you're interested in Bingley! Bingley: Hey! Have any applications come in for me yet!? Us: Nothing yet, Bingley. Bingley: Oh no. What am I going to do? Us: It’s ok, don’t worry and don’t give up hope. We’ll keep trying to find your forever home! Bingley: Did you tell people how sweet I am, and how badly I want a home of my own? Us: Yes, we did. Bingley: Do you think no one wants me because I only have 3 legs? Or maybe because I do best with older, respectful kids? Can you please tell them that I’m a nice guy? I just don’t like being climbed on, or pushed around. Oh and my missing leg doesn’t bother me one bit!! Us: Yes, we’ve told people that. We’ll tell them again. Bingley: Why do you think no one wants me? Us: We’re not sure. Bingley: Do you think there’s anyone out there willing to give me a chance? Us: Yes, we DO think there’s someone out there just for you Bingley. Try not to worry, we’ll keep working to find your forever family. If we can get people to share your social media posts, we’re sure the right person will see your sweet face and reach out to us! Our wonderful supporters have helped us find homes for other dogs before, and we know they can help you find your family too! If someone sees this and wants to apply to adopt you, all they have to do is go to teamstinkykiss.com. For an application, email the adoption coordinator at Team StinkyKiss Adoptions. For more adoptable dogs, check out our Wet Nose Wednesday Page!

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