Wet Nose Wednesday!

Wet Nose Wednesday - Marci

Photo: Eva Creel Photography for Team Stinkykiss

Meet Today’s Wet Nose Wednesday Pup: Marci!

Get To Know Me:

Look at me! The name is Marci and looking like a rockstar is my game. Did you notice my awesome dreamy eyes? And my ever-lickin’ tongue? How about my 6 rockstar teeth/teef/toofers? Some might call me a ‘mess’, but most call me fabulous! I am a tad bit overweight, 18-pound, shih tzu mix who is middle-aged. I was pulled from a situation and they discovered that my back leg was so matted that I actually have some muscle wasting – can you imagine? No rockstar should be treated like that. So I do have a small limp which doesn’t seem to prevent me from my dancing on stage, but I do love being carried down the steps and you know, I love being carried in general. I love my people, I love my dog friends and I’m pretty indifferent to cats. I also really like my food, no comments from the peanut gallery about my waistline, please. I’m working on leash training (remember I like to be carried, ha!), So look at me! Again, my name is Marci. I am a lap dog diva with a great temperament and I’m ready for my home that will brush me, love me, hold me, and provide for me a forever family. Thank you Eva Creel Photography for these adorable photos of Marci!

For an application, email the adoption coordinator at Team StinkyKiss Adoptions.

Photo: Eva Creel Photography for Team Stinkykiss

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