Wet Nose Wednesday!

Wet Nose Wednesday Benji

Meet Today’s Wet Nose Wednesday Pup: Benji!

Get To Know Me:

Benji is in need of a little update! He has come so far in the last three months and he’s ready to share what he’s all about. Benji came to Team Stinkykiss as a terrified little puppy but now it is time to re-introduce Benji!

Benji is a 30 pound, 7 month old terrier mix puppy who is full of puppy energy and full of puppy relaxation. He loves to run around with the other dogs, play with toys and then chill on the couch next to you. Benji likes to explore and a fenced in yard would be best. He is potty trained, crate trained, does well in a car and once his collar is on he likes a good walk around the neighborhood. Benji is food oriented and he gets cutely excited when it’s time to eat, but that also makes for good and continued command training.

What else does he need from you other than a good yard, attention, and perhaps a doggie playmate? He will need your time. He will need you to be patient with him when you first bring him home. He will need your time while he settles in and warms up to you and your new family. And then you know what happens?! He’s yours, you are his and he will be a great addition to your family furever and furever.

If you are interested in this cutie, please email Team StinkyKiss Adoptions.

Photos were taken by KT Photography.

Wet Nose Wednesday Benji

Wet Nose Wednesday Benji

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