Wet Nose Wednesday!

Wet Nose Wednesday Scooter

Meet Today’s Wet Nose Wednesday Pup: Scooter!

Get To Know Me:

Hello! Mr. Scooter here, at your service and ready to introduce myself. I am a 25 pound (give or take) dachshund/beagle mix, I just turned one on April 18, and looking for that forever home.

A little about myself – I am pretty darn laid back, I get the occasional zoomies with a friend but mostly I like to snuggle and chill. I do well with other pets and children but I am not crazy playful. I do like a good walk though and I’m good on a leash. What you may notice, and I hope you see this as a positive, is that I love my humans very, very much and along with that, you will see that I love, love, love to snuggle with my human, sleep with my human and generally be in sight of my human.

The only thing I do not like is that crate. I will let the neighborhood know that I am in a crate so apartment living would be no good for me. But a fenced in yard would be perfect! So that’s about it. I’m easy, I’m laid back and I’m ready for you. For an adoption application for Scooter, email Team StinkyKiss Adoptions.

Wet Nose Wednesday Scooter


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