Derlin Newey is 89 years old, and when social security alone wouldn’t cover his bills, he got a job delivering pizza. He quickly became a customer favorite, often requested by name.

One of Derlin’s frequent customers, the Valdez family, posted videos of their favorite pizza delivery man on Tik Tok. Derlin’s story went viral among the Valdez family’s followers. Many even reached out asking how they could donate money to help with his bills.

The Valdezes took up a collection for Derlin via Venmo, and were able to raise over $12,000 dollars!


TikTok human machine recognition page.

Here’s the emotional moment when the Valdez family presented Derlin with the check…


Here it is ???? #fyp #venmochallenge #????man #love #blessed #gift #lovewins

Carlos Valdez (@vendingheads) has created a short video on TikTok with music Aesthetic Girl. | Here it is ???? #fyp #venmochallenge #????man #love #blessed #gift #lovewins


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