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I believe that dogs and cats can say words.  We’ve all seen the videos of huskies saying “hello.”  It’s always adorable and it’s what all animal lovers want.  We want to have actual conversations using words with our pets and we want them to talk back.

Our dog Zoe always looks like she wants to tell us a funny joke or ask us for permission to do something.  Alas, it hasn’t happened but I also think she’s just not the “chatty” type.  She stays pretty true to barks and excitement noises when she sees another dog walk by our house.  Our cats, however, seem to know a syllable or two and sometimes it comes off as them saying an actual word.  One of them woke us up from a deep sleep one time and it freaked us out.

Camu is the oldest cat.  I like to tell people that he and my wife adopted me.  Before I met him he was both an indoor and outdoor cat that liked to leave his small kills on my wife’s porch or in her living room.  The boy has seen some things.  To this day she still doesn’t know the reason behind his “meow.”  When he regularly does it it’s almost like a whisper or raspy.  He usually turns it up in the middle of the night or if he wants out in the garage.  That’s when it starts to echo through our house.  He’s so funny in the morning though.  It’s like he knows he needs to be quiet, so he whispers how he’s feeling.  Our youngest cat Riff Raff straight up said “Mommy” one time and it freaked us out.

One night we were dead asleep and woke up to a loud sound that sounded like a child asking for his Mom right outside of our door.  We didn’t have any kids then.  We turned and looked at each other and said the same exact thing at the same time.  “Did you just hear a little boy ask for his Mom?”  I turned the light on, stood up, and as I was walking out of the bedroom there was Riff Raff.  Sitting completely still in the doorway looking up at me.  That’s when our brains woke up a little more and we realized it was just Riff Raff meowing or making some kind of cat noise.  I believe that dogs and cats can say words or at least mimic sounds we often make at them.  The cat in the video below sounds like it’s asking where its Mom is.


I have been at the hospital the last 5 days and he’s really been misisng me 😭 (my dad goes every 2 days to check on him) #catsoftiktok #cats #catlover #cattalking

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