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Before the beginning of last year, I never used the video portion of Zoom.  I usually just dialed in and watched the host share their screen.  As I started consistently using Zoom more and more, I realized you could use filters, add backgrounds and there were lots of other settings you could pay for.  There are so many options to make sure your video meetings are as stimulating as possible.

A lawyer in Texas found out about Zoom filters the hard way.  A lot of families use one computer.  With students using Zoom for school and to chat with friends and relatives, parents should probably make sure their settings have been restored before they jump on a meeting.  One lawyer in Texas found this out the hard way.  He was having a hard time turning off the “Talking Cat” filter.  He eventually started pleading his case: “I’m here live, I’m not a cat.”  Scroll down.

I just started cry-laughing for the 18th time.