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WATER MILL, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 05: Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson speaks onstage at the Hamptons premiere of "POWER BOOK II: GHOST" presented by STARZ & Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson on September 05, 2020 in Water Mill, New York. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Starz Entertainment LLC.)

50 Cent recently was in the news for announcing that he will vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden.

On Sunday, 50 posted a video of an interview between The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and 50’s ex-girlfriend, comedian Chelsea Handler.

“He doesn’t want to pay 62 percent in taxes — which by the way, isn’t a plan of Joe Biden’s.” said Handler. ” “I had to remind him that he was a Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump, and that he shouldn’t be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he’s worried about his own personal pocketbook.”

The rapper tweeted the video, saying, “Fu*k Donald Trump, I never liked him. for all I know he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed but that’s history. LOL.”

Handler tweeted back at 50, asking, “Honey- does this tweet me we can count on a vote for you for @JoeBiden? I’m happy to discuss this with you privately. My phone number is still the same. Your’s isn’t. I’ve tried calling you.”