The family of George Floyd has hit the city of Minneapolis with a civil lawsuit.

Per TMZ, the family says in a lawsuit that the City of Minneapolis caused George Floyd’s death by allowing officers to operate under a lie — that neck restraints are not fatal. They are also suing the four officers who have been criminally charged with Floyd’s death.

The outlet points out, “The reality is this … the officers don’t have the kind of money that typically makes a civil lawsuit worthwhile. Enter the City of Minneapolis, which actually has limited immunity in these cases, meaning it can’t be sued UNLESS it’s approved the policy either explicitly or by way of custom.”

Civil rights lawyer, Ben Crump, says in the lawsuit, “The City long trained its officers to use neck restraints, claiming they were an authorized form of non-deadly force.” The suit is also attacking the city for overall inadequate training and discipline.

So far, the lawsuit does not specify the amount the family is seeking.

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