It appears as though Starbucks has caved under pressure. After receiving massive backlash for saying employees couldn’t wear Black Lives Matter attire to work, the company has reversed their stance.

Per CNBC, the coffee chain is now allowing workers to wear clothing and accessories, highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement.

They add that they are taking it one step further, and they will even provide them with attire, as the company has previously done to celebrate LGBTQ rights and marriage equality. “The chain will make 250,000 shirts with a design that includes ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘No Justice, No Peace’ available to workers in its company-owned cafes in the United States and Canada.”

CNBC also says that although Starbucks received recent criticism, the company claims that they began planning to provide shirts for employees last week. They add that until the shirts arrive, Starbucks employees will be allowed to wear pins or shirts to show support.

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