Music News

Earlier today, a Snapchat account that appears to be  Donald Trump’s official account posted an anti-Joe Biden ad that used T.I.’s classic “Whatever You Like.”

The clip features a few images of Biden as T.I.’s song plays in the background. The song’s original lyrics are “I want yo’ body, need yo’ body/Long as you got me you won’t need nobody,” but Trump’s video makes it seem like T.I. is saying, “I don’t want Joe Biden, need Joe Biden/ As long as you got me you won’t need Joe Biden.”


This isn’t likely to go down well with T.I., who has made his feelings about Trump very clear: in 2016, he posted a video about Donald Trump on his Instagram.  “Donald Trump, this message is for you: I say this as non-violently and unapologetically as possible: f— you and f— what you stand for! Nobody who supports me will support you! End of message.”

In the caption, he elaborated: “I WILL NOT BE FOOLED!!! I know u got plans for my people that are contrary to OUR BEST INTERESTS. Make no mistake… WE AINT ON THE SAME SIDE. Whatever U ARE,IM NOT!!!! Be CLEAR!!!! I have a family, I have children, I have ancestors that I WILL NOT LET DOWN… May God Be with U sir. Have a nice day Mr. Trump.”

T.I. also famously criticized conservative pundit Candace Owens during a Revolt Summit event regarding her support for Trump. “When you say ‘Make America Great Again,’ which period are we talking about?” he said. “The period when women couldn’t vote, the period when we were hanging from trees, or the crack era? Which period in America are you trying to make America like again?”

At press time, Tip hasn’t responded to Trump’s video.