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Demi Lovato returned to The Ellen Show to promote her new music, upcoming movie, and upcoming talk show on Quibi. While there, Ellen brought up that on a previous visit to the show, Demi chose Rihanna multiple times while playing “Who’d You Rather.” Ellen asked Demi if Rihanna’s called her since, and Demi explains that she hasn’t. But┬áDemi does say about Rihanna, “I just wanna make out.” Then she adds, “I mean we can do a song together too. Maybe we make out in the video, too. I don’t know.” Demi also reveals she used to be on dating apps, but explains that she no longer is, and she’s enjoying being single.

During the interview,┬áDemi also got honest about her eating disorder and why she has an entirely different team around her. She explains that she felt controlled by her old staff and talks about the lengths they would go to to ensure she wasn’t around food. Watch both videos below.