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The police were called to R. Kelly’s house in Chicago because the embattled singer’s two girlfriends got into a fight that was caught on camera.

Chicago Police Department responded to a reported battery at Kelly’s Trump Tower condo shortly after Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage fought, as TMZ reports.

Clary was on Instagram Live Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 8), as she appeared to be gathering her belongings to move out of the condo, and when Savage came in the room the two women began arguing.

Clary said that she was looking out for herself, and then she threatened to send Savage to jail for sexually assaulting a minor, seemingly insinuating that Clary and Savage had sex, and that Clary was a minor when it happened.

Clary told her Instagram Live viewers that R. Kelly has been “lying to you guys,” and the singer had her and Savage lie too.

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