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(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for ABA)

Sorry, Jimmy Fallon, but u can’t touch Jennifer Lopez’s dancing skills. On Monday night’s (Sept. 10) episode of The Tonight Show took fans through the history of music video dancing with help from Lopez.

Rocking a flannel around her waist, Lopez started with MC Hammer before giving the crowd some Paula Abdul realness. Straight up, she can do any dance move you can think of whether it’s walking like an Egyptian or chasing waterfalls or jumping on some treadmills like OK Go did in their “Here It Goes Again” video. One of the best moments, though, might be J.Lo taking some inspiration from Britney Spears’ “Oops, I Did It Again.” She sure did.

This isn’t the first time Lopez has danced with Fallon. Back in 2014, she appeared in his “Tight Pants On” segment to yes, dance in some very tight pants.

Watch The History Of Music Video Dancing with Lopez below. See Lopez show off her moves when her new movie Hustlers hits theaters on Friday.


The History of Music Video Dancing (w/ Jennifer Lopez & Jimmy Fallon)

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy whip, Nae Nae and Hammer Time their way through some of history's most iconic music video dance moves.