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Looking for some awesome kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier? Here are eight must-have kitchen gadgets you had no idea you needed.

Garlic Press

garlic press

Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press has saved me so much time (and sticky fingers) when mincing garlic.  Instead of having to mince it using a knife, you simply peel the bulb and put it right in the press.  And voila you have minced garlic that you throw right into your recipe.  If you don’t have one of these, you need to get it now.

Get it now from Sur La Table.

Avocado Huggers

avocado huggers

Who hates when you only need half an avocado and you hate to waste the rest because you will NOT eat a brown avocado…this girl! This set of two Farberware Avocado Huggers is a must if you’re like me.  They will be sure to keep your leftover avocado fresh and ready to eat without turning brown.  Simple and easy to use without the waste.

Get it now from Sur La Table.

The Perfect Egg Timer

perfect egg timer from Sur La Table

How many times have you had to google “how to cook the perfect boiled egg?” If you’re like me, it’s EverySingle. Time. No more googling with this easy and simple tool, just put The Perfect Egg Timer in the pot with your eggs and wait for it to tell you when they’re boiled to your liking. You can choose from 3 different textures, soft, medium, and hard.

Get them now from Sur La Table.

Angry and Cool Mama Microwave and Fridge Cleaner

angry mama microwave and fridge cleaner

I don’t know if this is a must-have, but it’s funny! Angry Mama keeps your microwave fresh and clean and is so simple to use.  I know as a busy mama; I hate cleaning the microwave so this item will do the dirty work for you.  Just add vinegar and water and if you choose, a little lemon juice for a fresh clean smell, and let her do the rest.  Be careful, Angry Mama will be hot (see what I did there?) so let her cool down before taking her out.  And let’s face it, you’ll smile every time you open the fridge and see Cool Mama!  Fill Cool Mama with baking soda and she’ll keep your fridge fresh for months.

Buy it now from Amazon.

Herb Freezer Tray

herb freezer tray

When I found the Chef’n SpiceCube Freezer Tray, I just had to have it. We always buy fresh herbs for a recipe and then end up throwing it out or finding it in the back of the fridge all dried out weeks laterNo need for that waste or mess with this cool gadget to save and freeze your fresh herbs. Each cup can hold up to 2 ½ oz of fresh herbs.

Get it now from Sur La Table.

Apple Corer + Pineapple Tool + Herb Kale Stripper = MUST-HAVE!

3 in 1 apple corer, pinapple tool, and her stripper

Wow, I’ve heard amazing things about all three of these items and you can get them in a bundle…3 in 1 deal, I’m inThe apple corer makes it super easy to remove seeds and the core from big and small, red and green apples and everything in between. The pineapple tool makes cutting a pineapple a breeze. I buy pineapples and they sit on my counter because I hate to cut them, but I’ve heard this tool will change my life instantly and it’s so simple to use. And last but not least, oh how I hate to peel the fresh herbs off the stems, this tool does it for you in one quick step. This bundle went straight into my cart!

Buy it now from Amazon.

5 in 1 Jar Opener

5 in 1 jar opener

Not sure about you, but sometimes opening jars is such a task.  Yeah, there’s the “bang it on the side of the counter trick”, but this tool seems to be a perfect fix. It’s a 5 in 1 jar opener that fits a variety of jar and bottle sizes.  It’s easy to use, is made with nonslip handles, and is lightweight so anyone is able to use it, even the kiddos!

Get it now on Amazon.

Souper Cubes

souper cube freeze trays

Souper Cubes…where have these been all my life?!?!  We love having leftovers from our crockpot meals and this simple yet amazing kitchen gadget can make storing and freezing them so much easier.  We also love prepping dishes on the weekend and making extras for busy weeknights and this tool will help to speed up getting dinner ready with exact portions for everyone.  Just pop it out of the cube and warm it up.

Buy it now on Sur La Table.

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