Sure we all love a good reason for tacos and margaritas, but do you know these facts about May 5th?

It’s always great acknowledging and celebrating cultures different than your own; To me, that’s what America is all about! So here are a few things to know if you plan on taking part in some Cinco de Mayo fun!

  • Cinco de Mayo is actually NOT Mexican independence day contrary to popular belief (it commemorates a single battle against the French that ended May 5th, 1867.)
  • Cinco de Mayo is actually a minor holiday in Mexico, but here in America it’s evolved into a much larger celebration.
  • Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by Mexican-Americans with large parades, colorful attire, dancing, and delicious food!
  • The United States didn’t start celebrating Cinco de Mayo until the 1960’s.
  • The largest Cinco de Mayo celebration takes place in Los Angeles, California- it is called ‘Fiesta Broadway.’
  • Cinco de Mayo was officially recognized as a holiday in the U.S in 2005 under President Bush.

So enjoy all of the chips, salsa, and tequila your heart desires and always remember the importance of diversity and praising other cultures!