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Entering week 10 of the Overwatch League teams will continue to fight for dominance. The Philadelphia Fusion has two tough match-ups to play through to hold onto their throne. The Houston Outlaws will look to bounce back from their loss last week. The San Francisco Shock is also looking to find revenge on the Los Angeles Gladiators from two weeks ago. Plus, the Vancouver Titans re-take the stage for the first time since the beginning of the season. Check out the Overwatch League recap for week 10 below, including some highlight matches.

Overwatch League Week 10 Results

Saturday, April 11th

Hangzhou Spark 3 v 0 Chengdu Hunter
Vancouver Titans 0 v 3 Guangzhou Charge
Philadelphia Fusion 3 v 2 Paris Eternal
Houston Outlaws 3 v 1 Boston Uprising
Washington Justice 0 v 3 Dallas Fuel

Saturday, April 12th

Chengdu Hunters 3 v 1 Vancouver Titans
Shanghai Dragons 3 v 0 Guangzhou Charge
Houston Outlaws 3 v 2 Toronto Defiant
Philadelphia Fusion 3 v 2 Atlanta Reign
San Francisco Shock 3 v 0 Los Angeles Gladiators

Week 10 Highlight Matches

Vancouver Titans v Guangzhou Charge Recap

The Guangzhou Charge has been looking very good since they retook the stage. The Vancouver Titans were the runner-up Champions last year and first seed in the regular season. Vancouver hasn’t had a chance to play on the main stage since early February. With additions like Chanhyung “Fissure” Baek and Jehong “Ryujehong” Ryu, a lot of people expect great things from the Titans.

Map 1 Nepal – Guangzhou Charge

The Titans come out of the gate with a full dive composition, running Winston and Hammond. The Charge electing for a more stable double shield setup in the Orisa and Sigma. Vancouver takes first point but Guangzhou creep in and flip the point back. With the charge dug in, they play their ultimate abilities just right to keep a firm grip on the momentum of the match. Vancouver manages to flip the point briefly during a team fight. Jungwoo “Happy” Lee on the Tracer tears through the Titans and the Charge flip the point back. Vancouver manages to retake in over-time and the Charge fell apart around the Titans allowing them to take first round.

The Charge stick with a more stable composition, including Nam “Cr0ng” Ki-cheol on the Roadhog. The Titans stay with a full dive composition. Vancouver crash against the Charge and allow Guangzhou to take first capture on the point. The Titans flip the point and run their percentage up to 70%. The Charge brawl it out on the point and are able to flip it back in their favor. After a final, ultimate riddled brawl on the point with several flips at 99% the Charge takes the round. The final round goes entirely in the Charges favor as they take map 1.

Map 2 Eichenwalde – Guangzhou Charge

The Titans switch off the dive composition for double shield with Orisa and Sigma. Their DPS players swap from the Doomfist and Tracer to Mei and Mcree. For the Charge, they run the same composition from Nepal with the exception of Happy swapping from the Tracer to Hanzo. Guangzhou takes the first point and Vancouver switches their Mcree to Hanzo for the mirror match-up. The Charge moves through toward point B with ease as the Titans poke at them from the high ground. Vancouver did still manage to stall the payload just before point B and hold the Charge.

The Titans manage to take point A after some good picks and sloppy brawls. With a 4-minute time bank they only need to take point B for the map victory. Charge and Titans fight over the high ground as the payload is moved through the to the point. With 2 minutes still in the time bank the Titans push to 3-4 meters from victory before the Charge fend them off and hold the point for a 2 – 0 match score.

Map 3 Volskaya – Guangzhou Charge

The Titan swap their composition back to pure dive with Winston, Wrecking Ball, Tracer and Doomfist. The Charge stick with the composition that’s worked with them thus far in the game. Guangzhou takes the first point as Happy on the Tracer cleans up the Titans DPS line. After the point A take the Charge roll through the Titans to take point B. Guangzhou finished the round with 13 final blows to the Titans zero. On Vancouver’s attack the Charge is able to fully hold on point A and take the clean sweep.

Philadelphia Fusion v Atlanta Reign Recap

The Philadelphia Fusion still sits at the top of the leader boards with a record of 7 – 1 going into this match. Technically in 2nd place since the Seoul Dynasty hasn’t lost a match, but they’ve only played two games so far. The Atlanta Reign sits at 5th place with a 3 – 1 record. It’s Atlanta’s chance to cement themselves as a play-off material while Philadelphia tries to stay on top of the throne.

Map 1 Busan – Philadelphia Fusion

Start of the map both teams choose to run double shield, but the damage picks are quite different. The Fusion brings out Mei and Torbjorn and the Reign choose Hanzo and Mcree. Philadelphia takes control of the point first, which allows Atlanta to take control of the high ground. Philadelphia fends them off despite the high ground control. Atlanta comes back in and invests a vast majority of their ultimate abilities, but still, make no progress. Philadelphia takes round one 100% to 0.

The Reign manages to take first control of the point and hold the Fusion off with an Edison switch to Tracer. Despite Jaehyeok “Carpe” Lee on Torbjorn, Edison can perform with deadly efficiency. Atlanta takes the round 100% to 0. Map features both Carpe and Kim “Edison” Tae-Hoon on the Tracer with Andrej “Babybay” Francisty on the Widowmaker. Atlanta takes first point off a Babybay Widowmaker pick. Philadelphia swaps the point after 50% progress on Atlanta’s side. Babybay swaps to the Mcree to counter Carpe’s Tracer just as Philadelphia starts to make progress. Carpe answers by swapping to Torbjorn which allows the Fusion to flip the point back in their favor. The Philadelphia Fusion eventually takes the round and map 100% to 99%.

Map 2 Hollywood – Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion’s attack is slow and steady but has great success as the roster shows a willingness to swap heroes when it calls for it. Both Kyung-bo “Alarm” Kim and Isaac “Boombox” Charles on support pulling more than their weight as they accounted for nearly half of all final blows in the match. The Fusion finish the map with over 2 minutes left on the clock. Atlanta takes a very fast and aggressive point A with Tracer and Hanzo. Babybay gets a pick on Alarm as Philadelphia tries to set up on high ground, allowing the Atlanta Reign to take over the high ground and stroll through point B nearly uncontested. The Fusion put on a great defense at point C off the back of Carpe’s Torbjorn and then his Hanzo controlling the high ground. Carpe and the Fusion take the map and set the series 2 to 0.

Map 3 Hanamura – Atlanta Reign

Atlanta’s defense on Hanamura swaps out Edison for Jeong “Erster” Joon who starts on the Junkrat. The Reign can drain 2 minutes off the clock in the first team fight, but this also allowed the Fusion to bank up nearly 4 ultimate abilities. A single kill on Alarm from Erster’s Junk-tire allows the Reign to fend off the Fusion’s attack, but Philadelphia did manage to gain one tick on point A. The Reign manage to fully hold the Fusion who got 61.1% capture point progress.

The Fusion brings out their Junkrat and the Reign swap the Junkrat for Tracer on the attack. Philadelphia manages to keep Atlanta held at the choke under the Hanamura gate. With careful ultimate usage and precise picks by Carpe, it comes down to one final chance by Atlanta with a big ultimate bank. In overtime the Atlanta Reign is able to push through and keep the series alive.

Map 4 Dorado – Atlanta Reign

Atlanta takes the first attack and both teams come out with a mirror match-up featuring Hanzo and Mei, double shield with Orisa and Sigma and Zenyatta and Baptiste on support. The Fusion burns off two minutes from the Reign’s run before they make it through the first choke under the arch. Babybay’s Hanzo has a one-up over Carpe as the Reign moves through point A and point B with relative ease. As they move into point C they have 4 minutes in the timebank. The Reign finished the map with nearly 2 minutes in the timebank. Atlanta is then able to hold the Fusion at the choke before point A on the defense with the continued mirror match-up.

Map 5 Ilios – Philadelphia Fusion

Both teams come into Illios with another mirror match-up, except for the Fusion running Sumin “SADO” Kim on the Reinhardt. Atlanta takes first control of the point and keeps it with unmatched aggression. Carpe swaps from Mcree to the Hanzo and attempts to find flanking picks but to no avail. The Reign take round 1 100% to 0. Carpe switches to Torbjorn for round 2 and Erster comes out on Junkrat. Atlanta takes the high ground, gets the first pick and takes control of the point. Philadelphia push into the point and Daniel ” FunnyAstro” Hathaway gets a 3 environmental kill boop off that allows them to grab the point. The Fusion stabilizes and holds firm taking the round.

Final round Carpe brings out the Widowmaker against Babybay’s Hanzo on ruins. The Philadelphia Fusion is able to take first control of the point. Atlanta eventually swaps the point over, but Philadelphia did accrue 80% capture. Babybay swaps to the Widowmaker to duel Carpe, but the Fusion regains control of the point and eventually take the win.

For more Overwatch League recaps and analysis by Robbie Landis and Jake Lyon, make sure you check out the OWLs Nest!

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