Uber is currently looking at San Francisco and Los Angeles as test locations for cheaper rides – more specifically, waiting for cheaper rides!

Many people that are looking at ride-sharing apps are constantly looking at price. Well, Uber is looking to give cheaper rides, especially if you can wait some time for one.

“Affordability is a top reason riders choose shared rides, and we’re internally experimenting with a way to save money in exchange for a later pickup,” said an Uber spokesperson in an email to the website Quartz, shared by CNET.

As someone who Lyft and Ubered their way all around Los Angeles, I am not upset by any means that California is going to to be in the test phase. Taking  $16-$50 rides back and forth, it would be great if we could make these apps more affordable, especially in the case of people using Uber and Lyft as an alternative when intoxicated.

We’ll keep you informed once the project rolls out to all Uber users.