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Thanksgiving dinner decoration.

Some of the best television came out between the 90’s to present, and so we picked out some of the best Thanksgiving episodes from our favorites to share with you this season! Check them out below and enjoy!


A collected awesome of Friends Thanksgiving Episodes.


Everybody Loves Raymond

Lowfat Thanksgiving turns into Tofu Turkey.


Full House

The family sets the table in a dance number. Totally worth it!


Gilmore Girls

Sookie promised Jackson that he could cook the turkey. Little did she know he had hoped to deep fry it.


Grey’s Anatomy

Thanksgiving of Burke and Izzie trying to cook a turkey. The funny part of this (that you don’t see) is that when they were performing a surgery earlier in the episode, Burke walked someone through the exact same way.


How I Met Your Mother

For the fans who loved HIMYM, the slap makes sense, but in case you’re not aware, Barney was to be slapped 4 times by Marshall, and his fourth and final slap was on Thanksgiving.




Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers

Picking Thanksgiving turkey is quite the experience for Bob.


And last but not least, when Bob finds the perfect turkey.


Amy Cooper is one with the force and the force is with me.