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Comic actors and SNL alums Kenan Thompson and Jimmy Fallon share a laugh

The unfairly funny, attractive, and cool Ryan Gosling hosted SNL (Saturday Night Live) over the weekend. (Seriously, how did this guy win the everything lottery?) During the show, he performed in a sketch alongside Mikey Day as grown men who coincidentally look like the MTV cartoon characters Beavis and Butt-Head, respectively.

The catch is, that neither of them claim to have ever seen the cartoon and doesn’t know who the characters are. They also deny having ever been told that they look like the characters. The sketch is mostly a flimsy concept, with no actual jokes. But, the appearance of the two as Beavis and Butt-Head doppelgängers is hilarious. This is evident by Heidi Gardner completely losing it or, “breaking,” as she looks at them. It doesn’t take long for Gosling, himself, to also break, followed by Mikey Day.

The laughter from the actors themselves made the whole sketch, in my opinion. In fact, there are several sketches over the history of SNL that stand out to me because, while funny, the actors’ laughter made it even better.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll know that the show’s creator and producer, Lorne Michaels, isn’t a fan of actors breaking that 4th wall. At least, he wasn’t, as referenced by Christina Applegate on the “Fly on the Wall” podcast, hosted by SNL legends Dana Carvey and David Spade. Christina and David memorably broke in the legendary Chris Farley sketch where he starred as “Matt Foley,” a motivational speaker with a few life problems of his own. One of those was “living in a van down by the river”

Maybe Lorne has lightened his stance on breaking, as I’m pretty sure I’m not the only fan who loves it. Here are 5 other sketches that were made better by the SNL actors losing their composure. If you want to see how difficult it is for them to keep it together, try to watch any of them without cracking a smile.

  • Debbie Downer

    “Debbie Downer” is one of my favorites. I love the sketch anyway but the actors cracking up makes it so much funnier. This cast has got to be the one who broke the most in sketches. Jimmy Fallon is by far the worst…. at breaking, anyway. Which kinda makes him the best. Dude just can’t keep it together to save his life.

  • The Californians

    The Californians is a completely silly sketch and this one is kind of a cheat, because the clip is from dress rehearsal. Bill Hader is one of my all-time favorite SNL cast members. He absolutely cannot hold it together during this sketch, and then Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen follow like dominoes. The sketch that made it to air wasn’t much better in terms of keeping it together.

  • The Barry Gibb Talk Show

    The Barry Gibb Talk Show sketch features Jimmy Fallon and his bestie Justin Timberlake as Barry and Robin Gibb, respectively. Surprisingly, Jimmy keeps it together for most of this one but JT cracks up on more than one occasion.

  • Gus Chiggins: Old Prospector

    Gus Chiggins: Old Prospector was a sketch that was, surprisingly, never made it to air. It’s Will Ferrell at his best as an old prospector being sent to Afghanistan with young troops. Will was the absolute best at making other actors break character. In this sketch, Will puts on a comedy clinic, making each actor in the sketch break character. Every single one.

  • Career Day

    Adam Driver hilariously stars as Abraham H. Parnassus, father to Pete Davidson’s “Mordecai”, speaking at his school’s Career Day. This sketch single-handedly let me know how funny Adam Driver is and Pete Davidson simply cannot keep it together. It instantly became one of my all-time favorite SNL sketches.

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