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The Death Of Slim Shady

If you haven’t heard, Slim Shady is dead. Eminem, however, is alive and well. Eminem, who’s legal name is Marshal Mathers III, released a “Detroit Murder Files” teaser in April and placed a fake obituary in the Detroit Free Press bidding adieu to his alter ego, Slim Shady. Slim Shady, I Mean, Eminem's New Album He’s teased an upcoming album called "The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace)" due out this summer. His mentor and hip-hop legend, Dr. Dre, mentioned it during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live back in March, adding that he contributed to several songs on the album. Will Slim Shady Magically Re-Appear? Since then, Em has teased a new single, “Houdini,” to be released this Friday (5/31/2024). Eminem has also been posting teases for the single on Instagram, including his latest: a facetime with popular magician David Blaine, where he asks David “Can we do a stunt or something?” to which, David replies “You mean something like this?” then takes a drink of some wine and then eats the glass (this guy must be exhausting to hang out with). Eminem responds: “For my last trick, I’m gonna make my career disappear.” Eminem Sold A Lot Of Albums Thanks To Slim Shady This upcoming album will be Eminem’s 12th studio album. His songs have garnered many reactions including, but not limited to, outrage, disgust, celebration, motivation, sadness, and more outrage. Outrage, if we’re being honest, fueled much of his success. Eminem, through the alter-ego “Slim Shady,” wrote some of the most controversial lyrics in hip-hop. His pop appeal only fueled the controversy as his fans are of all ages, races and demographics. You can include me in that group, I’ve been a fan since the beginning. “Slim Shady” was an outlet for Eminem, and some of his fans, to release some angst and say some really outlandish things. For me, it’s part of the reason I’m a fan. Em’s skill is unparalleled. But, as someone who regularly uses music as a sort of therapy, Slim Shady was a bit of a stress reliever. I, for one, hope he isn’t truly killed off in this album. But, whatever Slim’s fate, here are 5 of my favorite Slim Shady songs.

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