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What Cities Could Get New Major League Baseball Teams

Some new Major League Baseball teams could be coming sooner rather than later. From what I'm reading, there are two major cities that are leading contenders for getting teams. Also, from what I'm seeing these two cities may be waiting a little longer than they'd like to in order to get their teams. Which Cities Are Possibly Getting Major League Teams? According to an article on WhiskeyRiff, the leading contenders for new MLB teams are Salt Lake City and Nashville. I think that a baseball team in Nashville would be awesome! Of course, I'm a diehard Braves fan, but it would be cool to have another team in the South. Yeah, I know there are teams in Florida, but I'm talking about the actual South. I didn't really realize it until I read Whiskey Riff's article, but the last new teams came into the league back in 1998. Those teams were the Tampa Bay Devilrays and the Arizona Diamondbacks. That brought the total number of teams in the MLB to 30. However, in recent years they're saying the expansion to 32 teams is "inevitable". I mean, there are 32 NFL teams, so it's not out of the ordinary for a league to have 32 teams. But it could be a while before we see these new teams. Those in the know within the inner workings of Major League Baseball are saying that the expansion may not happen until 2030! What?! Why are we waiting that long? That doesn't make much sense to me. What does make sense though is Nashville getting a team. The news came out a while back that they're building a new stadium for the Tennessee Titans. They want it to be open in time for the 2027 season. Could the Titans and a future baseball team share the stadium? I guess we'll just have to see. If you want to read the full article from WhiskeyRiff about the potential new Major League Baseball teams, just click here. For more articles, lists, videos and photo galleries from The Kicks Wake Up Krew, click here. Speaking of Major League Baseball, check out some of the best MLB stadiums to visit. [select-listicle listicle_id="339077" syndication_name="the-best-major-league-baseball-stadiums-to-visit" description="yes"]

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