HOUSTON, TEXAS - SEPTEMBER 01: Campbell's spaghetti soup is seen on a shelf at a Krogers grocery store on September 01, 2022 in Houston, Texas. Campbell's experienced a drop in profit of $96 million in its recent fiscal fourth quarter. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

I used to LOVE SpaghettiO’s growing up. It was one of my favorite treats my parents would let me have occasionally, and I won’t lie… I’ve even them as an adult. Judge me all you want!

So I was pretty excited this morning when I woke up to new that SpaghettiO’s is teaming up with Franks RedHot to come out with a new spicy original flavor of SpaghettiO’s.

If you’re not too into spice, don’t worry! According to chewboom.com, it seems like the new SpaghettiO flavor won’t be THAT spicy. The company is describing the flavor as a “medium heat.”

The new collaboration should be on shelves this month, and will only cost around $1.59! Talk about a cheap lunch.

I know it is odd, but I will definitely be trying this.

I have to… for old time sake.