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Memorial Day weekend is less than two weeks away!

Many people, including myself take the long weekend, and the unofficial kick-off of Summer, as an excuse to travel, and this year that seems to be the case for more Americans.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is expecting a 7% rise in travel volume over this year’s holiday weekend compared to last year’s. They’re expecting around 43.2 million Americans to travel 50 miles of more during Memorial Day Weekend; that’s 2.7 million more than last year at that time.

Why are so many people traveling this year?

In my opinion, it seems like this is the first year that the coronavirus isn’t a concern. People have felt more reserved about traveling for the past few years because of the global pandemic, and now that Coronavirus is no longer a global pandemic, people are more than ready to get out and enjoy traveling again.

I used to always take trips to the beach on Memorial Day weekend. Now, I spend them at the lake with my fiancé, and his family. Either way, we always anticipated an elevated amount of traffic on the long weekend. We always try our best to avoid the busiest travel times for this reason.

So if you’re planning to travel by car over Memorial Day Weekend, plan accordingly, or be prepared to hit a bit of traffic.

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